2 応援!

Why I started CANPATH

More I rushed, the more I got confused what i should do by next quarter and for passing the interview of Internship.

But I found the important thing.

I have 6 months life left in Seattle. ONLY six months.
It's passed already two third of that here.
I definitely can not speak or listen English perfectly and fluently.
It's matter of fact.

So I thought it's depend on my surroundings.
Let me tell an examples.
I do dance every weekend so i can figure it out what teacher said because they use almost same words or sentences every time.
Watch me first. Same tempo or dance to music? and something like that.

I found that the words I often listened to was remembered in my brain so I could use them in different situations. It leads that I can speak English.

Thats why I started writing my diary.
What I think or act is What I wanna tell someone.
MIYUN, Internship, future, friends, conflict and etcetera.

In my diary, I can construct and write what I happened. Its kind of Output.
If I write and understand how to tell my stories to others in advance, It is easier to speak to them.

Its really difficult to understand IT genre even though its in Japanese.
As the same thing, I don't need to know or use unrelated or be not interested English words.
I have limited time so this is very efficient and short cut way to develop speaking English.

To success, be needed tip. wink ☆


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