1 応援!

Class and Accommodation

Just passed 1 month after moving to the new accommodation.
Just passed 2 months after leaving Japan.
Getting used to this environment gradually!

This is the week 3 of the autumn term, and there have already been many assignments, such as presentation, readings and writings. They are hard for me, of course.
However, the hardest thing for me is not assignment now. The relationship with friends around me is the most complicated and hard thing.
As looking back to my primary school, secondary and high school, I always had sort of troubles about human relations. For example, I was alone in the school trip and the club... (It can be heard very sad, but so far I am happy with my life!) Anyway, I just guess that I may have a kind of ill, like difficulties to get along with other people well.
I think that considering about this kind of problem doesn't have the ending, so I need to stop this.

The time goes really fast, so I should stop thinking about this useful things.
But just enjoy this experience, and should behave that there is no problem so far in front of my family.

Life in abroad is not easy, but always challenging.


Mari Suzuki
from: Tokyo studying at Waseda University major: learning English throughout study abroad experience studied at Tsuda College study abroad in York job: teaching English hobby: handicraft, violin, tennis future: giving people motivation for learning English

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