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Organising event- Kamisuki

It has passed almost 8 months after my arrival to York.
I always can't believe that I've already lived in York for 8 months.
It's very busy time now, however I'd like to summarise what I did during the 2nd term.

I organised an event to do kamisuki (紙すき) and send message to high school students in Fukushima with students of the university. On that day, there were more than 70 people gathering to the event. Most of them looked very enjoyable this opportunity, which made me very happy and think many things.
There were two main objects for this.
1. To encourage high school students in Fukushima
I'm studying education here in York, so I was interested in supporting students. In addition, it is 5 years after the earthquake in 2011, so I wanted to do something about the earthquake and support people in Tohoku area. It would be nice to send message to people living there, I guess.

  1. Before coming here, I have longed to do something to share Japanese culture with people from overseas. To write message to the high school students, I thought it would be nice to make papers with kamisuki!

Though there were so many difficulties and it took almost 4 months to prepare this, I was very happy to see many people's smile and happy faces. Honestly, there is still a very BIG problem about this event, I do not regret that I organised this event.
It was very first time to do something in front of many people, which made me very nervous at that time. With many friends who supported this event, it could be successful. The most thing what I learnt from this opportunity is that I should appreciate people around me as much as I can. I could not do anything without any of friends.

This is one of the most memorable thing in my studying abroad and I will never forget this.


Mari Suzuki
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