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During the Christmas holiday, I went around the UK, such as London, Scotland and Chester.
These places were very beautiful in different ways, but I remember Glencoe, which is in Highlands, Scotland the most, because it slightly changed my way of thinking.

I always spent time without thinking anything, just talk with friends with thinking about other things, do the assignments, which is not so satisfied with my expectation, before going to Scotland. It can be said that I did not enjoy my time. However, I do enjoyed my life so far.
After seeing the scenery in Glencoe, I think that I cannot see the same scenery, I cannot spend the same time, and I may not be able to visit the same place again. Then, I believe that I definitely enjoy the time with friends, even when I am alone, because the time, "now" cannot come to me again.

The scenery of Glencoe taught me very important thing in my life :) This way of thinking will influence my life later on, I suppose. So it was the very nice journey to find this kind of thing.

I definitely visit there again before going back to Japan. And I've started to think about the next journey in the UK, which will reminds me the important things.


Mari Suzuki
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