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What I think about through Christmas in York

Merry Christmas!

This is the first time for me to celebrate Christmas outside of Japan!
British style Christmas was quite different from Japanese one, and I enjoyed the differences between them.

In the morning, I went to the church to do the Christmas service, even though I am not a Christian. However, all of the people there were very kind to me, though I am foreigner and not a Christian. I am grateful to the people who treated me with their kindness.
In the church, I tried mulled wine and mince pie, which is traditional British Christmas food. Of course, it was first time to have them, but they were very good. I hope I can have them again in the future...

I was surprised at some differences between British Christmas and Japanese one. For example, people in the UK celebrate the Christmas not on the Christmas Eve, but on the Christmas day. Another example is that people get many many many Christmas presents from everyone, not only luxurious stuffs, but daily use stuffs, such as socks and towels.

These differences gave me many view points, because when I was in Japan, I did not think about the other style of Christmas, just believed in that Japanese style Christmas is just a standard. Through this experience, I become to think that there is no "standard" and the world is very interesting, because of varieties. So I'd like to be a person who can respect other's ideas, which is easy to be said but is difficult to act in the real world.

If people can think about these differences and think about others, the world will be better and might decrease fights... I hope the world becomes more peaceful and a better place.

Anyway, thank you very much for my host family, who took care about me 2 years ago. And I am very happy to stay and to share Christmas time with them in York.
This is one of the most memorable experience in my life.


Mari Suzuki
from: Tokyo studying at Waseda University major: learning English throughout study abroad experience studied at Tsuda College study abroad in York job: teaching English hobby: handicraft, violin, tennis future: giving people motivation for learning English

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