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Important Phrases for me, the title of the story

These days, there are lots of lots of assignments and presentations...! Really challenging for me!
Sometimes I remember two important phrases in this circumstance:
- I should do what I really want to do
- Do my best whenever I face difficulties

I should do what I really want to do

Not to regret later, I should what I really want to do. My life is only for mine. I need to decide what I should do and what I want to do.

Do my best whenever I face difficulties

Do not give up in the midway. If I don't d my best, I'll regret my behaviour.
If I don't quit what I am doing, I'll learn something from this experience, because I did my best and thought about the solution for the difficulties!

There's bright future beyond difficulties! Don't give up, keep doing what I want to do!

The image of the picture: in front of my accommodation and bright autumn sky in York :)
Today's my college's 50th birthday! I'll join in the celebration party!


Mari Suzuki
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