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Does where you are from determine your future?

I’d love to answer the above (title) question, “NO, not at all”.

“You can make it if you dream it really strongly.”
This is the spirit of my old junior and senior high school, where I’m going to teach as well from next April.

The school I went is quite famos for those who have taken entrance exams for private girls only junior high, meaning that there are many girls from ‘good’ families. It’s definition, I don’t know though, is that it is a wealthyone, BOTH parents are well-educated, either parents does ‘white-collar jobs’. (It’s just my own definition, so there must be other definitions)

Unfortunately, or fortunately, my family is not categorised as the typical “good family”, though I went there for 6 years. (And even I’m gonna work there! lol)

But my friends are mostly from the family, which sometimes drives me to compare myself and them. And feel jealous, jealous and depressed... Especially when some talks about their parents’ jobs and their educational background.
I know that as someone says, our parents are just our parents, and not me, so if I make efforts towards my dream, it’ll be made sometimes in the future. But it’s still obvious that there is as huge gap between those who are from the “good family” and not as between the Vegas and the Altair.
So I always felt jealous against them, through I knew it’s just their own luck, and they don’t intentionally boast their own family.

By looking back especially these 7 years, I did everything hat I wanted to do, made my dreams come true with the support from my mum and grand parents.
Even though I hate my own root, i.e. the “non-good family”, I couldn’t do anything without their help. Just ithis idea suddenly strikes me strongly.

It must be very hard for my family to let me study at private junior, senior, college, graduate school and even more, study abroad! I can’t count how much she spent on my education! (Must be more than two houses in Tokyo)

Many years ago, she sometimes said like this;
“we don’t have extra money, but make it possible to let you go to the schools where you wanted to study, don’t forget that.”

I completely forgot this these days, and often felt jealous to some of my friends, which doesn’t make anything, or make something even worse.

But, I notice that I should learn much more from my experience, rather than complaining my own roots.
Then, dreams should be following to my efforts. As my experience of study abroad tells.

So I won’t hate my own roots, but appreciate it, because it gives me chances to learn a lot from experiences.

Therefore, I’d conclude that it doesn’t matter where you’re from, but DOES MATTER what you learn from your experience and how to apply them in your future.


Mari Suzuki
from: Tokyo studying at Waseda University major: learning English throughout study abroad experience studied at Tsuda College study abroad in York job: teaching English hobby: handicraft, violin, tennis future: giving people motivation for learning English

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