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Why I make friends with Asians

In Noosa's language school (''Lexis English'': there were people from all over the world. I saw a big chance to learn English in this surrounding, cause there were not so many people who spoke my mother language. Well, there were some Swiss, but I quickly realised that making friends with them is not very clever, lets say a waste of time. I wanted to meet people with whom I could speak English, in terms of increasing my speaking and listening skills.
Well, when we had speaking exercises in school I always chose a person, who doesn't speak (Swiss-)German as I do. I also spent breaks and lunchtime with those people. Surely it needed a bit courage to contact these people, but I should say, afterwards I was proud and happy to have spoken English and not communicated in my language.
In conversations especially with Asiens I realised soon that they have a wide range of vocabulary and they chose sentences carefully. Compared to European students Asians were interested to learn from others, so it was like: I learn some vocabulary from them and they catch some grammatic stuff from me. It was giving and taking.

Not only did I spent time with Asian people in school, I also went to home parties, BBQ-parties, swimming, shopping with them. Of course I discovered some differences from their behaviour to Europeans behaviour. Spending so much time with them and getting to know them better, made me realise something: Asian are respectful, kind, funny, companionable (make friends easily) and good-hearted people. I always felt good when being with them and I still feel related with them in my heart.


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Lara Siegfried
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