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Choosing a town in Australia

In my first story I wrote a little bit about my decision to choose the town NOOSA in Australia. Now I'd like to let you know why I exactly chose Noosa and if you I would recommend it to any other people.

Australia is a huge continent, with some big cities, many big towns and heaps of little towns.
I needed to make a list in my mind, which places I might like or not. For example Sydney, Cairns, Perth and Melbourne seemed too big cities for me, where it's probably a bit difficult to relax. By saying 'relax' I mean, that I wanted to live and go to school somewhere where people are having an easy-going and not stressful life and where fun has priority.
What I found out in the Internet about Noosa is, that this town is a charming, comfortable, calm town. Noosa's beaches are made by nature, long and beautiful, quiet and not touristic. They are perfect for romantic evening walks, great for sport activities and just nice to have a nap and to watch the ocean. Furthermore it said in the internet, that water activities such as canooing, surfing, kite surfing, standup-paddling etc. are very common in Noosa. This motivated me even more to choose Noosa, because I like the idea of canooing through Noosa's rivers and along the coast!
I've also read about the Nationalpark, from where you overview whole Noosa and the ocean. The Nationalpark is a beautiful and interesting place to go for walks, jogging and also for seeing some wild animals, such as Koalas!
What I liked as well was the image of having a BBQ just at the beach or along the rivers, in the lovely evening sun until late in the night.
These impressions from the internet as well as the travel agency helped me to chose 'my perfect place'. Choosing Noosa was a decision I'll never ever regret! If I convinced you with these descriptions, you should also visit and enjoy Noosa!


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Lara Siegfried
born in Switzerland had been in Australia for 6 months working as a nurse

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