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Oslob(First English Diary)

My name is Kotaro, maybe as you know.

Actually this is the first time for me to write the diary in English.
But since I came here, fortunately I could get many friends, of course regardless of the nationalities.

And some friends (actually they are my teachers) told me to write the diary in English.

I want to write about this weekend, 2nd November.
I went to Oslob with my friends.

Oslob is one of the most famous island. It has very beautiful sea and it is famous for watching whale shark.

We could watch them many times but those photos are not so nice because of some reasons.

After watching whale shark, we went to sumilon island.
There is also a beautiful sea. We are surprised because we have never seen that beautiful sea.

So I feel this weekend was so great except one thing.
That was that the day, 2nd November was a holiday in Philippine.
So the way to my home was so crowded.

It took 2 hours to go from my home to Oslob, but it also took 6 hours from Oslob to my home.

That's why we were so tired when we got the home.

In fact, from this I want to write something that I'm thinking recently.

Since I came to Cebu, I have felt a kind of similarities between past Japan(30 or 40 years) and Cebu.
30, 40 years ago, Japan was developing. Of course I'm just only 20, so that' my poor imagination.
But people who I see are always smiling even compared to Japan.
I don't know which countries is happier.

These things are that I have thought recently.

However when I discuss these thought with one of my Filipinos friend, I was told a kind of this country.
Of course I'm foreigner, so it is very difficult for me to understand different countries.

That person said to me " you may be able to see people are very happy, but each person has each situations. So be careful, try to focus on the darkness".

I felt I have to reflect on myself.
I capture the situation of each societies only in my filter.
This is my tendency. So the analysis tends to be simple.

Anyway now I'm just only student. I don't have any power.
But the reasons I can stay here are aloo because of my environment.
In short I was lucky. But I'm not proud of my lucky anytime.

So I have a kind of task to look for contributing to people who can't stand even the start line.
I think it's not fair.

Anyway I want to study and learn more and more.
Anything you know will be also my knowledge, power, energy.

So the conclusion is " please give me your knowledge".
That's kidding, haha.

But I always require any kind of knowledge.



"Kotaro, How old are you?"との質問が飛び交います。






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